Every year, IUTT is organised by a driven committee. An enthusiastic group of students putting in hard work to ensure you have a great tournament. Have a look at their stories below.


Hi! My name is Sanne, 29 years and the chairman of IUTT this year. After I finished my master’s in Biomedical Engineering in August of this year, I started my career at a medical imaging company in Maastricht. Since 2015 I have played futsal at Totelos, but I already played a few years on the field. I was a board member of Totelos and participated in several IUTTs. I’m very excited to help organize this year’s edition and looking forward to seeing you all!

Sanne van Dalen


Welcome all! This year I, Gijs Liefrink, will be your secretary of IUTT. This will be my 6th year at Totelos and in these years I have already organized IUTT and also did a board year with Sanne en Jurjen. Despite being 26 years old, I won’t be the oldest on the committee. In my day-to-day life, I’m working at an energy company in Valkenswaard. This year we want to make IUTT better, bigger and more fun. Therefore we need YOU to sign up. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Hopefully, we can have a chat at IUTT 2023.

Gijs Liefrink


Hi there! My name is Jurjen, I am 25 years old and I’m the treasurer for IUTT 2023. I just graduated from the TU/e and I joined E.S.Z.V.V. Totelos in 2014 already. I’ve been a board member of E.S.Z.V.V. Totelos, and I have competed at several IUTTs. However, I never organized one before, so I am very excited to be on the committee to host this one for a change! I am sure we will make this IUTT one to remember, so I’m looking forward to seeing all of you in May!

Jurjen Dekker

Day Committee

Hey everyone! My name is Eefje, and I am 21 years old. Currently, I am studying for the bachelor of Psychology & Technology. Last year I started playing futsal when joining Totelos. I will be part of the day committee together with Björn. Together we will try to let the tournament run as smoothly as possible. I am really looking forward to seeing you all at IUTT 2023 in May!

Eefje Nijenbanning

Day Committee

Hey everyone! My name is Björn and I’m 22 years old. Currently, I am studying for my Bachelor of industrial engineering at Fontys. I have played football for 12 years and stopped doing that when I started studying at Eindhoven. After a couple of years without football, I realized I missed playing football a lot. That’s why this year I became a member of Totelos, a new game with familiar rules. Because it is my first year at this association, I decided I wanted to join a committee. This committee turned out to be the IUTT committee. My task within the committee will be Day Committee together with Eefje. I am really looking forward to the tournament and hopefully, we will meet there!

Björn Bergman

Food & Drinks

Hello! My name is Lars and I am 21 years old. This year I will finish my bachelor of Data Science at the TU/e. I have played outdoor football for 13 years now and this year I started playing indoor for the first time at Totelos. My first weeks at Totelos left a good impression of the association and that’s why I decided to join some commissions. I am very excited to help organize IUTT this year! My role is taking responsibility over the food and drinks during this event. I believe improvement is very important, so if you got any feedback on the meals just approach me and I will take your feedback into account. Hopefully you are as excited as I am and I hope to see you at IUTT!

Lars van Rijckevorsel

Party & Activity

Hi everyone! My name is Marlou, and I am 20 years old. As a new member I have heard a lot of stories about how amazing IUTT is, so I decided to join the committee for this year. I have never experienced the tournament before, but that makes me even more excited to organise this year’s edition! I will be fulfilling the role of Party & Activity this year together with Marit, so get ready to party! I hope to see you at IUTT 2023 to experience a great tournament!

Marlou de Deugd

Multimedia and Party & Activity

Hi! My name is Marit and I am 21 years old. Hopefully, I will finish my bachelor of Applied Mathematics at the TU/e this year. I have been playing futsal at Totelos since March 2021, after having played field football for multiple years. This will be my first experience with IUTT and I am very excited to organise it this year! I will be in charge of the Multimedia around IUTT, so I will keep the website and social media up to date. Furthermore, together with Marlou, I will be taking care of the Party & Activity role. I hope to see you all at IUTT 2023!

Marit Schoemaker