Every year, IUTT is organised by a driven committee. An enthusiastic group of students putting in hard work to ensure you have a great tournament. Have a look at their stories below.


Hi everyone! My name is Frenk and I’ll be the chairman for IUTT 2020. Over the last few years, I’ve had an amazing time organising and participating in our tournament. As my student life at the TU/e is nearly finished, I decided I would like to help organise IUTT one more time. We will strive to make IUTT 2021 the best one yet, and we’re looking forward to meeting everyone in May. In case of any questions, tips or remarks, be sure to let us know!

Frenk Cleven


Hi! My name is Ruby. I’m 19 years old and currently studying the bachelor Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences at the TU/e. I’ve been playing football for quite a long time and decided to join Totelos since last year. I also participated IUTT and it was a great experience! It was a good combination between playing futsal and many fun activities. This year I wanted to help to organise such a great tournament myself. I’m the secretary of this year’s edition of IUTT. So if you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Hope to see you all at IUTT!

Ruby van Rijswijk


Hi there, my name is Sil, I am 26 years old and the treasurer for IUTT 2021. I finished my study Operations Management and Logistics at the TU/e last year and started working as supply chain analyst. I joined E.S.Z.V.V. Totelos in 2014, and I only missed one edition of IUTT since then. Now that I am working, I know what it is to deal with money more than all poor students. This is why I am the treasurer of IUTT 2021! I look forward to see all familiar faces again, and for those of you who will join for the first time: You won’t regret it!

Sil Heijnen

Day Committee

Hi everyone! My name is Quirine and I am 21 years old. I started my master’s Applied Physics this year. After playing soccer on the field for several years, I joined Totelos last year and played my first futsal match during the IUTT tournament! This was one of the reasons for me to become part of the IUTT committee of 2021. Together with Dave, I will be part of the day committee. We will make sure that everything related to the matches and facilities are arranged, so you can enjoy the tournament. I hope to see all of you having fun during the matches and outside the lines! 

Quirine Braat

Day Committee

Hello! My name is Dave and I am 21 years old. Currently, I am a third year student studying International Business at Fontys. A few years back I used to play football outdoors. However, this year me and some friends decided to join Totelos so that we could play futsal together. Since that I am new at Totelos, it is not only my first time organising IUTT tournament, but also my first time experiencing it! I became part of the committee because I wanted to be a more active member, and meet new people. Together with Quirine I make up the day committee. We will make sure that the tournament runs smoothly. I hope to see you all at IUTT 2021!

Dave van Otterdijk

Food Supply

Hi, my name is Simon, I am 23 years old and I will be in charge of food supply. I am a 4th year student at Fontys and I am trying to get my degree as a Physical Education teacher. I have been playing football since I was 8 years old, but I only started playing futsal since last year. This will be my first time attending IUTT, because I was unable to be there last year. I have only heard great things about this awesome tournament and that’s the reason why I wanted to be a part of this year’s edition. I am excited to see you all at IUTT 2021.

Simon Jenneskens

Party & Activity

Hey there, my name is Julia, I’m 22 years old and currently studying Construction Engineering. I have been a goalkeeper at E.S.Z.V.V. Totelos for five years and I really enjoy doing so. I’ve participated in IUTT four times now, so I thought it was time to finally take part in the organisation as well. I love to play futsal, have a beer with my Totelos friends, and I enjoy partying. So that’s why I’m excited to take on the Party & Activity role in the committee. Kristian and I will take care of the activities during IUTT. Looking forward to seeing you!

Julia de Jager

Party & Activity

Hello everyone! My name is Kristian Verberne and I’m 21 years old. This year I started studying Psychology at Tilburg University. I’ve been playing football for a long time and this year some friends and I decided to join Totelos. Since I’ve really been enjoying the first few months, I decided to be a more active member and join the IUTT committee. This being my first year at Totelos, this will not only be my first time organising IUTT but my first time experiencing it as well. Julia and I will be forming this year’s Party & Activity committee and we’re very excited to provide some memorable activities to make IUTT an all the more great experience.

Kristian Verberne