Every year, IUTT is organised by a driven committee. An enthusiastic group of students putting in hard work to ensure you have a great tournament. Have a look at their stories below.


Hi, my name is Jan and I am the chairman of this year’s IUTT committee. I am currently working on the graduation project for my Masters, so this might be my last year at Totelos. Besides playing futsal, I like to play several other sports such as squash or volleyball. In the remaining time I enjoy playing guitar, singing, cooking, baking and playing (board) games. Of course playing sports is paired with a drink after every now and then (‘de derde helft’ as we call it in Dutch). I am very much looking forward to organizing IUTT and watching some amazing futsal.

Jan Jenneskens


Hey there! My name is Bjorn, I am 25 years old and currently finishing my master’s in Medical Engineering. I have been a member of Totelos for the past 3 years. Last season, I did a board year as the secretary of Totelos. This year, I will be the secretary of the IUTT committee. In the edition of 2022, I was the secretary as well. I had an amazing time then and I hope to enjoy this year’s edition just as much. I am looking forward to seeing you in May!

Bjorn la Haije


Hello! My name is Ruben, I am 20 years old and in my third year of the bachelor Industrial Engineering. I will be the Treasurer for the tournament. This means that I will be responsible for managing the finances of the tournament. Furthermore, I enjoy playing futsal and being an active member at Totelos. I am really looking forward to this year’s edition of IUTT!

Ruben in de Braek

Day Committee

Hi! My name is Daniek,I am a 22 year old student at the TU/e, currently in my first year of the master Human Technology Interaction. Together with Rinske I am responsible for the role of Day Committee. This means my main tasks consist of fixing the necessary permits and being in charge of the match schedules.  Besides IUTT, I of course like to play futsal myself, and I have been an active member of Totelos for quite some time now. I am very much looking forward to this year’s edition of IUTT!

Daniek Dobber

Day Committee

Hi, My name is Rinske and I will fulfil the task of day committee of IUTT 2024. Daniek and I will arrange the tournament as well as the additional necessities, like first aid and sleeping arrangements. I am 20 years old and, study Physics at the TU Eindhoven, but grew up in Haarlem. This is a town 15 minutes away from Amsterdam. One and a half years ago I moved to Eindhoven for my studies. At that time I also joined Totelos and since then I enjoy playing futsal. 

Rinske Zandhuis

Food & Drinks

Hi! My name is Boaz Voogt I am 21 years old. I grew up in the seaside town of IJmuiden, but since 2021 I’ve lived in Eindhoven, where I study Biomedical Engineering as a 3rd year now. This year I organise the food and drinks and I hope to give you all have a fun and delicious IUTT 2024!

Boaz Voogt

Party & Activity

Hi! My name is Nina, 21 years young and an active member of Totelos for about 3 years now. I study Sport Studies and play football indoors, as well as outdoors, which I enjoy profoundly. Relaxing with friends, having a beer is another hobby of mine. After participating two years at IUTT, I saw the next step to take matter into own hands and help organizing this year’s edition by doing Party & Activity. For the pub crawl, parties, and other activities you can come to me or Nienke. I hope to see you at the best tournament of the year!

Nina Finta

Party & Activity

Hey, my name is Nienke and I am 23 years old. I am currently studying biomedical engineering at TU/e. I have been playing futsal for a few years now at E.S.Z.V.V. Totelos and I have also been playing soccer on the field for years now. This year I will be taking on the role of party and activity together with Nina, so we will make it a big party every day!

Nienke van den Berg


Hey! I am Joren and will be in charge of all the visuals and socials. I am 23 years old and have currently just over a year to go in my Urbanism Masters. After years of playing outside, I switched to fustal four years ago to defend the goal for Totelos. I hope to see you in May!

Joren Hansen