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What is IUTT ?

With the organization of IUTT we try to make the best balance between futsal and having fun. This 3-day student futsal tournament in the lovely Eindhoven will take place at the student sport center from May 25 to 27 2017! We strive to make this tournament as well organized as possible with a lot of fun and high quality matches of futsal! We will do so by offering the following:

Futsal Tournament

The tournament will be set up in a way that makes your team advance into a new part of the schedule each day, based on your performance. This should lead to your team ending exactly where they belong after 3 days. It also ensures your team playing towards a level similar to yours, providing a lot of close and exciting matches.

Equally number of games

In compliance with this, we also strive to make sure that every team will play an equal amount of matches, whether they come in first or last.

Great Facility

We have great accommodation: 3 fully indoor futsal pitches, all in the same sports-center

Sleeping Accomodation

We offer sleeping accommodation within the sports-center.

Fair Play

Fair play is important to us, which is why we use official referees from the Dutch Futsal Association and will be very strict when it comes to Fair Play.

Food Service

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included and provided by the organization.

Party Time

The center of Eindhoven has a lot of bars and pubs close the each orther, where you are insured of a great time. We will be sure to visit them during our recurring I.U.T.T. pubcrawl.

Funny Activities

Last but not least, we will organize different activities related to the theme or just for fun.

Interested ? Would you like to join IUTT?

Please send us an email at contact@iutt.nl!